Q) What is Fermymate?
A) Fermymate is a temperature control system for your homebrew fermentations.

Q) What are the key features of Fermymate.
  • Fermymate will include yeast recipes for various beer style profiles.
  • Fermymate will have a Smartphone app for controlling and monitoring your ferments from your Android or iPhone.
  • Fermymate will use advance machine learning to optimize your heating and cooling.
  • Fermymate will alert you when your heating or cooling isn't working properly.
  • Fermymate provides a log of your complete fermentation temperature record.
  • Fermymate gives you complete granular control of your ferments temperature.

Q) What type of heating/cooling systems will Fermymate work with?
A) Any typical home brewers configuration of fridge/freezers and heating pads/belts/lamps. Any single heating or cooling device rated up to 10A will be able to be controlled by Fermymate.

Q) I'm interested. Where do I get one?
A) Currently, trials are underway with a number of brewers in and around Melbourne. Please sign up using link on the main page and we will keep you in the loop.

Q) Does it also take automatic gravity readings?
A) No, the system is for controlling heating and cooling however, as Fermymate is connected to the internet it's possible as an enhancement it will integrate to smart hydrometer systems API's.

Q) What type of WiFi does the device connect to?
A) Any standard WPA/WPA2 network that uses a password. The WiFi standard supported are 802.11g/b connection.

Q) Will Fermymate work with system X heating and cooling?
A) Fermymate will control heating or cooling of any devices that can be switched on/off by the mains. The heating and cooling need to be on separate powered mains circuits.

Q) Is it possible to make custom temperature profiles, rather than the ones provided?
A) Not yet, however as a future feature enhancement this will definitely be a possibility.

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